Minigrabber Test Clip with Sheathed Banana Jack



  • Newly designed Minigrabber® Test Clip Patch Cord complies with IEC 1010-2-31, which is the latest international safety standard for test accessories.
  • Grabber width is a slim .36” (9,14 mm) for easier access to test terminals.
  • Grabber hook is gold plated beryllium copper to ensure signal integrity & attaches onto component leads up to .060” (1,5 mm) O.D.
  • Grabber patch cord can connect directly to Pomona’s sheathed type flexible tests leads for added patch cord length.
  • For added safety, the grabber and banana plug body insulation material is fire retardant Nylon 6, UL94V-0 rated.
  • Banana jack is molded directly to the cable for a long lasting connection.
  • High strand count silicone insulated wire offers excellent flexibility and high temperature resistance.


Grabber: Body: Nylon 6 – Fire Retardant – UL94 V-O Rated, Color per part number
Hook: Beryllium Copper, Gold Plated, Compression Spring: Music Wire
Wire: 18 AWG, 65 x 36 Tinned Copper, Insulation – Silicone, .144” (3,66 mm) O.D., Color per Part Number
Banana Jack: Body - Brass, Nickel Plated
Insulation: Nylon 6, Fire Retardant UL94 V-0 Rated, Color per part number


IEC 1010 2-031, Category II, P2 Compliant
Voltage: 300 VRMS/DC Max.
Current: 5 Amperes Max.

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